Saturday, January 5, 2013

I just don't have time for that

When I first began my hair journey in 2009, I jumped on every bandwagon, tried every new method/ technique, bought almost every popular product until I realised it was just too costly both in time and money. Here are some of the things I no longer include in my regimen:

Sulphate Free Shampoos:  These just don't work for me. My hair gets build up very easily and sulphate free just doesn't clean my hair sufficiently. My sulphate shampoos do not dry my hair out.

Pre-poos/Deep conditioning on dry hair: I tried pre-pooing and I found no real difference in the results when I did not do it. Also I don't really like the idea of deep conditioning on dry, dirty hair.

Mixing conditioner: Back in the day I would mix 2-3 conditioners with 2-3 different oils. It wasn't necessary and I no longer do this. One quality conditioner is enough.

Baggying my ends: At this stage, I really cannot be bothered. I moisturise and seal daily and this seems to be enough for me.

Tea Rinses:  I have a box of black tea sitting in my kitchen cupboard. I rarely used it. It was such a bother to brew the tea and sometimes I would brew it and forget to use it.

ACV Rinses: I cut these out as well. I think I can bring my hair back to its right pH after relaxing by using neutralising shampoo.

Supplements galore: At one point I was taking both silicia and MSM. Right now I limit my supplements to a multivitamin and cod liver oil which I take primarily for my skin. I have a healthy diet with enough protein, fruits and vegetables. Nothing else is necessary for me.

Air drying: No matter what method I try, my texlaxed hair goes all Diana Ross on me. I'm not a fan of that look on me and so I give up. I prefer roller setting my hair. If I am to air dry, I will air dry in rollers.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil: I was rubbing this in my scalp religiously to accelerate growth. Did it work? Perhaps, but not better than a healthy diet.

I am keeping it simple in 2013. This year I want to try and use my stash of products. Who needs 5 different leave ins, 3 serums and 4 or 5 different moisturisers?

What are some of the methods or techniques you have removed from your regimen?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 2013 starting point

Happy New Year!
Today was a busy day. I both blow dried and flat ironed my hair for a length check.

Here is my starting point in 2013.

The change in my ponytail between February 2012 and today January 1st 2013.

My hair between August 2012 to January 2013: side shot

I didn't really like the shots of my hair from the back. As you can see in this photo, my ends need a trim. I will trim and take some back shots, which I will post later.

This is a quick update as I don't have a lot of time today to do a detailed blog post. One will follow later with my goals for 2013 and my thoughts on my hair's progress.