Saturday, August 1, 2015

Life update

It may seem that I have abandoned this blog.

Life happened.

The diagnosis was cancer...

Bladder cancer. Found miraculously and removed as swiftly as possible. It was a non-aggressive tumour that had not spread to outside of the bladder and therefore chemotherapy was localised (inserted directly into the bladder) and did not hit my blood stream and I had no real side effects, including hair loss.

Jesus showed Himself to be very alive, very real and very interested in me during what could have been the most trying ordeal of my life. Instead, He carried me and gave me great joy through it all and I came out of it basically unscathed. Physically unchanged but yet not the same.

I am doing well now. I have fully recovered from surgery and will do my first screening to ensure the cancer has not grown back in September.

Now on to my hair. I have corrected the thyroid issues I faced and my hair is finally retaining length again. I am hoping to be APL by December of this year.

The past few years have been trying ones, but my motto is to never give up.

Photos will be uploaded with my next relaxer in the coming weeks.