Sunday, May 12, 2013

Someone got scissors happy

I cut my hair! Well not all of my hair. I cut the middle and back sections; I cut about 4 inches in total from the back and the middle. My hair is now basically the same length which is about 3 inches away from APL. It seems short to me, but I am not panicking (too much). I have realised it takes almost no time for my hair to go from SL to APL, so I will be full APL before the end of the year.

I am now focused on gaining length. I know it's an odd statement to make after a 4 inch cut but my focus since 2012-2013 was growing out the front and middle sections to make them meet up with the back. I was going to wait to even it out, but I was in the mood to cut and I am happy with the results.

I didn't take any photos as I have no batteries for my camera. I keep forgetting to charge my rechargeable ones. Anyway, if you were to look at the photo below from my February touch up, you can see that the front section of my hair came down to just my shoulders. It is now 3 inches away from APL and so I decided to get rid of the rest of the hair. The middle and back sections had to go anyway, I was just prolonging the inevitable.

My only goals right now are to keep my hair healthy and to focus on growing out my hair. No more cuts are necessary. From my next relaxer, I will be doing proper length checks showing my hair from the back. I was focusing on side shots for the past year because I needed to monitor how my short areas were growing out. Now that it's all even, it is no longer my focus.

I am currently 4 weeks post relaxer. I plan on relaxing in the next 6 weeks at 10 weeks post. My short term goal is APL and by December 2013, I am aiming for BSB.