Friday, February 1, 2013

Time for my monthly post

It really does seem like I only post once or twice a month these days. The truth is I have grown a bit weary of my hair. Well, not exactly, I still love my hair but it's the texlaxed hair that has been getting on my nerves. When I started self relaxing, I ended up with a 70%  relaxed result. I was really happy with it. In 2012, I found that the ORS relaxer gives me only a 50% relaxed result. I usually wash it out the moment I feel my hair begin to break down as I did in the past, but now, the result is not as straight. I am thinking that ORS changed their formula.

So what do I do? I have ends that are texlaxed but still straighter than the rest of my hair. I would hate to do a corrective on my hair and I can't start relaxing it straighter because then I'd have too many textures, I would probably look crazy, especially if I attempted to airdry. I must admit though I am in love with the 50% straight section. Now that it's been a year since my relaxers have been turning out this way, my hair in the section seems so thick. I love it especially when I compare it to my ends which are now thinner in comparison.

I have no intention of cutting my hair. The difference in texture makes my ends look terrible, but they have maintained the blunt cut, so I know it's not breakage. I will be holding onto the straighter ends for a bit. I need to reach BSL this year. Once I do, I can begin cutting off the straighter ends, but until then I'll be dealing with new growth, 50% texlaxed hair and 70% texlaxed hair.

Oh and by the way relaxer day is next week Saturday! I believe I will be 11 weeks by then.


  1. I ve experienced the same. I find that ORS can be very uneven. Sometimes it makes the hair very straight and other times not. Now I use the professional and it seems to be much more consistent. Do you use the normal or the super one?

    I dont cut my hair if it is under processed once. Next time I relax, I smooth the relaxer a bit down, partly over the under processed hair. And then, as the hair grows it isnt really visable. After all, it is only a few inches you relax at a time.

  2. Hi Carolyn! I am just going to give you a cyber hug because I have no idea what to do in this situation! I use Mizani Butter Blends and relax about 80% ... but as you know, I don't texlax (it was a huge fail for me last year ... also I discovered that I don't like no-lye relaxers, which was used).

    Let us know how your relaxer goes! I would just suck it up and let my hair have the different textures until you achieve the result you want. I had to do a corrective last year on the texlaxed hair and it worked really well for me. I just made sure I did a hard protein treatment the week before. Good luck girl! Keep us posted on your progress!!

  3. Just a thought as experienced the same thing. I realized suddenly that it correlate with My increased use of oils. I realized, that after a week of not washing My hair ( as it says on the relaxer instruktions) i had put on oils several Times', all over My hair. Not only after i ve washed it but also during the week if it felt dry. So it is no suprice that the relaxer had less effect. Next time, one week before, i Will wash My hair with a clarifying scgampoo, condition, rinse and not put anything in it until relaxer day. I wont put any oil in the hair as protection as i realize that it is impossible to not cover more than just the already relaxed parts. I Will let you know if i see any difference.


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