Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Time to start living in the moment (and wearing my hair out)

A few months ago I said I would start wearing my hair out. A few months later, I never even wore it out once. I am terrified of another set back or slowing down my retention so I keep my hair bunned at all times. I am now so tired of this and it is time to wear my hair out.

My goal is to buy about 5 silk tops that are washable by hand (a huge dry cleaning bill is not my thing). I am going try to accumulate a few of them this month so that I can start wearing my hair out more often from my birthday in May onward.

My purchases so far from White House Black Market

image enlargementimage enlargement

I got both of these on sale and I am really excited. I ordered them online and CANNOT wait for them to arrive.


  1. Love the first o e. How much was it?

    1. It was originally $98 but it is currently on sale for $59.99. I searched for a coupon code which gave me another $10 off!

  2. I love both of them! That is one of the sites I stalk lol, I have never been disappointed.

  3. I never even thought of wearing silk tops. I have a few which is may just have to pull out this summer.

    Thanks for the tip!


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