Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Time to start living in the moment (and wearing my hair out)

A few months ago I said I would start wearing my hair out. A few months later, I never even wore it out once. I am terrified of another set back or slowing down my retention so I keep my hair bunned at all times. I am now so tired of this and it is time to wear my hair out.

My goal is to buy about 5 silk tops that are washable by hand (a huge dry cleaning bill is not my thing). I am going try to accumulate a few of them this month so that I can start wearing my hair out more often from my birthday in May onward.

My purchases so far from White House Black Market

image enlargementimage enlargement

I got both of these on sale and I am really excited. I ordered them online and CANNOT wait for them to arrive.

Monday, March 18, 2013

I didn't think it possible: laid down edges

I have struggled with my edges since before my hair journey days. My problem wasn't so much breakage as it was that nothing would lay down my edges. I tried just about everything until I stumbled across this product:

It contains olive, cactus and henna and can be used a both a conditioner and a styling cream. I love it. It lays my new growth and my edges down like nothing has ever done before and without making it hard like a gel. It is amazing and my new love. I'll be purchasing a few more containers and adding it to my stash.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

New growth at 6 weeks

Here is a shot of my new growth at 6 weeks. I will be relaxing in 9 weeks time. I will probably have twice this amount of growth by then. I will admit my growth has slowed significantly. With my braces, it has really been difficult eating and I don't eat any raw fruits and vegetables again. I can only have them in smoothies.

My growth at 6 weeks pre-braces.

Oh well, at least I am doing short term braces and be done in less than 6 months. Then I can go back to my healthy diet and maximise on my growth. 

I am still alive

My posts are no longer regular. I have been so busy with work and other things in my life which have taken all of my free time and left very little time for hair blogging. I am still taking care of my hair. I just don't have the time to document it properly.

Here are the only two photos I took of my hair when I relaxed in February. I can't remember how many weeks post I was when I last relaxed. I didn't take a lot of photos on that day as I had just recently gotten braces and was too uncomfortable to do much.

I relaxed my hair and then blow-dried it straight. I didn't bother to flat iron. I cross wrapped it and the next morning took this photo. I feel like my shorter pieces are finally growing out which is something I am really happy about. I may choose to stop cutting the back at this point and let the back section reach BSB and stay at that length until the front of my hair reaches that length.

Here's a shot of what my hair looked like in June 2012:

The back section of my hair hasn't changed significantly in length during the past year as I kept cutting it while allowing the front to grow out. I am really excited about the change in the health of my hair. I really struggled in 2011/2012 with my hair and things have really started to go well. 

My goal for September 2013 is blunt BSB hair. The back of my hair is just an inch away from BSB (and will probably be at that length by my next relaxer), the rest now ranges in length from a little past SL to APL (except for my permanent bang area which remains a struggle for me). Looking at old photos, I realised I was able to grow out that section, so I will focus on doing that again. 

I will give myself another six months to get to BSL which is the same as MBL for me as I have a short torso. 
I hope to be at BSL/MBL in March 2014 and once I get to that length, WL is just 3 inches away, so the goal is WL by September 14. If I can only make it to blunt BSB by September, then I will be on my way to meeting my other goals.

My next relaxer will be on May 18th.