Sunday, March 23, 2014

Skin woes are gone. Hair is now my main focus

After three years of battling acne that stopped responding to prescription medication, I have found the solution and cleared my skin in a very short space of time.

I used an ingredient that is found in virtually all over-the-counter acne products. That ingredient is salicylic acid, the only difference is I began using it at a pH that rendered it extremely effective. Apparently salicylic acid is the holy grail for unclogging your pores, the only problem is that it works only when the pH of the product is at 3 for the highest. Over the counter products usually have a pH that is too high for the acid to do its job.

My first low pH product was the Paula's Choice 2% BHA Gel which has a pH of about 3.2. It cleared my skin about 85%-90% unclogging most of my pores but I still thought I could do better. I am prone to inflammatory acne so a clogged pore can result in a pretty large and painful bump.

I eventually found another 2% formulation at an extremely low pH. I ordered the Garden of Wisdom Beta Exfo Tonic which has a pH of 1.9. Within one week's time, I began to see the clogs just disappearing. My extremely large pores appear to have shrunken in size some and when I do get a breakout, it disappears in no time. I am now into my 2nd week of using the product and my skin looks better than it has in years.

After thousands of dollars, lots of tears and a lot of embarrassment, I am finally on my way to having clear skin once again. Now that I no longer have to focus so much on my skin, I am back on my hair game.

I deep conditioned my hair twice last week and I will continue to do so. My hair is just a little past SL after my last cut. I am hopeful that 2014 will be a good hair year for me and that I can close the year at full BSL which is possible since I have very a short torso and my hair grows at the rate of a little over 1 inch every 6 weeks. If I retain my length, I should be able to see my hair visibly lengthen by 6-7 inches this year.

I will also be updating my blog on a regular basis to track my progress.


  1. Great to have you back Carolyn!

  2. Skin woes are gone? Congratulations! It’s not an easy journey, but all of your hard work and money definitely paid off. Now you can focus on your hair. Yay! Just continue to give your hair a proper care, and for sure 2014 will be the perfect year for it to grow beautifully.


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