Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 20th: Bi-monthly Check In

I have decided to do a length check every other month. The purpose of this is for me to have a means of tracking my hair's progress or lack thereof. My hair grows at the rate of about 0.42 inches a month which is under the typical 0.5 inches a month. However, if I do retain my length then I should see a gradual change in growth. I am thinking I will need to make my own length check T-shirt so that I can get a better measurement rather than eyeballing it.
I am almost 6 weeks post and to get my texlaxed hair straight I rollerset with small rollers then did a saran wrap last night. I cross wrapped my hair overnight and then took pictures this morning.
These are my December check in shots

In my October picture which is the first picture my hair is flat ironed. In the November and December pictures my hair is roller set on small rollers and then wrapped. I think doing it that way was a mistake because I cannot really tell what my hair looks like in its straightest form. It seems my hair lays flat only when my hair is flat-ironed. I will probably flat iron my hair for the New Year and see how it looks. In any case my hair grows slowly so I would not expect my hair to be anymore than 1 inch longer after three months.

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