Thursday, July 5, 2012

Experiencing breakage! Quick update

Last week I noticed a few broken strands after moisturising and sealing my hair. This is something I haven't experienced in a very long time so I am definitely concerned about it. I have been monitoring it and every day I seem to be getting a few broken strands of anywhere from 1/2 inch to 3 inches! I am completely freaked out. I instantly sat down to figure out why this is happening.

I remember that a month ago I could not find my Elasta QP moisturising deep conditioner and so I started using another one in its place but unfortunately this one had some protein in it. I think the combination of this conditioner and the ORS Replenishing Conditioner is not good for my hair. I believe I am in the early stages of protein overload which could explain the breakage of my ends. I definitely will be cutting this product out of my hair in the hopes that I will stop the breakage from continuing.

I will now have to focus on finding a moisturising deep conditioner without protein. My hair seems to like this best. The combination products just do not work for me.


  1. Nexxus Humectress is nice

  2. Hey Carolyn. I use protein conditioners a lot too and I find it hard to get a good moisturizing conditioner. Sometimes I use the Herbal Essences Hello Hydratiom Moisturizing conditioner mixed with oils and leave it on with heat for about an hour. Have you tried this conditioner? Hope your breakage stops soon!

  3. I am also looking for a protein free deep conditioner :( ... and i am finding it to be a task, because what i have tried just isn't working... i wish u luck:)

  4. What conditioner did u decide to use?


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