Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 2012 updates

I texlaxed my hair one day shy of 9 weeks post and everything went well. I noticed my new growth seemed thicker than usual yet the front of my hair texlaxed in about 15 minutes rather than the 18 minutes it usually takes. The back of my hair took less than 10 minutes as usual. The difference in the texture between front and back remains although the front is changing.

I took about 1/2 inch off the ends of the back of my hair as I was not too happy about their appearance (more about that later). Here is my comparison between my February length shot and my June length shot. I am getting closer to APL. My hair is at APL when I stretch it, but I am choosing not to claim it until my hair naturally falls to that level. I am guessing maybe it will be there by August or September.

View of my front.

Now to my ends. I am not that thrilled about the appearance of the ends of my hair. I was tempted to give more than the 1/2 inch trim but I prevented myself from doing this for one main reason. If you look at the photo of my hair from the side then you will see that all of my hair is not one length. The hair from the front when it is combed back reaches to the level of my shoulder. The hair from the back sections are closer to APL. My entire head of hair is not one length. It is at its thickest up until it reaches SL.

This is something I will eventually want to address, but I don't think it is necessary to take drastic action at this point. I think I will cut off 1/2 with each texlaxer until the front grows out and catches up and reaches APL. I think it will definitely help with the appearance of thickness of my very fine hair.

2012 is the year for me to get my hair back on track and sort out my issues from last year and I believe that things are going well. I am going to adjust my hair goals for the rest of the year. I do want length, but I want the appearance of my hair to be pleasing as well.

I think it will take another six month to grow the front of my hair to APL, so that is my new goal for this year.  I will focus on BSL/MBL and WL next year.


  1. I was hoping to get back on track with my hair for the year 2012. But it seems like I stay the same lenght and have additional setbacks for no reason. BUT I hope you have more luck than I did this year!!! GOOD LUCK!

  2. Your hair is looking great, I know that you will continue to be on top of things to keep seeing progress :)

  3. You are so APL by December. I am thinking you may get there in October!


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