Sunday, August 19, 2012

Attempting to go a week without washing

I started a new job and I have to be up super early to ensure I get to work on time. I also return home pretty late in the afternoon thanks to the traffic situation in my country. This means I only have time to have dinner, iron my clothes for the next day and take an hour for relaxation before I prepare for bed. There is no time for a mid-week wash day which would involve deep conditioning, roller setting and sitting under the hair dryer. It is not going to happen.

My plan is to wash only on weekends. I have been a bi-weekly washer ever since I began my hair journey more than 3 years ago. My face is extremely oily and I believe it is the same thing with my scalp. After a week of moisturising and sealing coupled with the oil my scalp is producing, my hair is usually limp and dying for a wash. I don't even want to think how about I managed pre-hair journey when I washed my hair once a month or once every 2 months.

The game plan for this week is to try and not be so heavy handed on the products as I will be unable to wash until at least Friday night. Hopefully my hair will be ok. I've been enjoying the bouncy hair that is full of body that I get now that I am using the Nexxus Humectress conditioner and I really don't want oily, limp hair.

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