Friday, August 31, 2012

Tired of protective styling

Prior to my hair journey, I always wore my hair out and my ends suffered for it. Then when I began my hair journey, I ended up on the other extreme. I made it to grazing BSL in the early days and never wore my hair out. My plan was when I got to full BSL, I would start leaving my hair out. Well I ended up back at NL and am now aiming for APL.

I have taken a decision to wear my hair out more often and not worry about waiting until I am a certain length to do so. To be honest I am stuck in a rut and I need a change. I think I have forgotten how to even style my hair when I leave it down and out. I have become so paranoid about my hair resting on my cotton shirts that I keep it up at all times. I enjoy my hair even in a bun or an updo, I just need a change so I want to start wearing my hair down once or twice during the work week. To prevent myself from feeling guilty about abusing my ends, I have decided to invest in silk blouses. I will feel a lot better knowing I am wearing my hair out without causing any damage.


  1. Hey girlie. I was/am the same way. I feel like I have to be a certain length before I can enjoy my hair. As of this date, my hair has never been this thick, and I am so proud of myself. But I am not enjoying it. I am always worried about what is going to take my hair out, is this shirt going to dry my ends out, have I worn my hair down enough this month? Isn't that crazy. People tell me that I have nice hair when they see it down and style, and the only thing I can think of is that I haven't met a landmark goal and that I am worried about drying and fearful of setbacks. For the ladies who haven't started HHJs yet and will soon, they need to be alerted about the psychological stress that comes with one. LOL. Sorry that this is long, but I feel your pain.

    1. Yes! There is psychological stress involved in a hair journey. There is the fear of setbacks, disappointment when you aren't reaching those goals.

  2. Omg girl! I was going to write about that as well on my blog! Great minds think alike!!

    I feel the exact same way. I showed my hair growth pics to my coworkers the other day and one said "you must not like us because you never wear your hair down here!" and it's true!!! I don't! I feel like when I wear my hair down, I will lose about two inches due to it snagging on clothes, being exposed to the sun, etc. I never enjoy my hair out ... I just worry about the consequences if I do.

    My blog post was going to be entitled "what the hell for?" We grow our hair out, just to keep it cative!! I

  3. I am so happy there are other people who feel like I do. I sometimes wonder why I am spending all the money, time and effort and yet I never show my hair. I know I was always paranoid about damage, but since I actually had a setback, I am now even more paranoid. I am going to take the 1st step and purchase a silk blouse and I will wear my hair out sometime this month!

  4. You hit the nail on the head with this one!

    Life in a Shoe

  5. Like you said, you have had a real setback. So it is very understandable that you would want to be extra extra protective of your hair. There is nothing wrong with that. I am going to keep you in my thoughts and hope that you never have to encounter this again and that me, you and whoever reads this will finally be able to enjoy our hair, regardless of our lack to meet landmarks!!!!!

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    1. I have been so busy I haven't had time to do any shopping of late. I am going order one online. Let's hope I actually do wear my hair out when I purchase a silk shirt!

  7. Love your blog! Found it by accident and think i have read every single entry. Love the humor, the reflection and the personal touch you have in your writing.

    I think your hair is beautiful. My favorite is the one from december when you had a cut. Looked so chick.

    You are right, you should wear it out and show the world your beauty.


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