Sunday, July 21, 2013

Do you pay any attention to the pH of products?

The pH of products has never been of particular concern to me except for relaxer day. I know that relaxers are very alkaline products and that neutralising shampoo is extremely important to bring your hair back to its ideal pH.

I relaxed my hair two weeks ago and I neutralised as usual. The following week I washed my hair using my Nexxus Shampoo and deep conditioned with the Nexxus Humectress conditioner. I was feeling lazy so I airdried my hair. I forgot to apply leave ins and was not happy with how my hair felt. So the next day I washed it again but this time I didn't have my shampoo on hand and used what I had in the bathroom which was my ORS Professional Neutralising Shampoo. I followed up with my regular conditioner and when I roller set my hair, it felt as if I had relaxed my hair that day. That fresh relaxer look usually disappears for me after that first wash. My hair also kept that look for the entire week. My hair felt moisturised for days after my wash. 

For my 2nd week post relaxer wash, I decided to also shampoo with the Neutralising Shampoo.  I airdried my hair this time and then flat ironed. Again, my hair felt like I had relaxed on that day. The experience got me thinking about why a neutralising shampoo would have such an effect on my hair and the only answer I could come up with is that it has to be something about the pH.

I was inspired to start researching about pH. I found that hair should have a pH of 4.5 and 5.5. Products that keep our hair in that range are therefore best for our hair. According to the Science of Black Hair, we should work down in acidity, ending with the most acidic products as this seals our cuticle and makes our hair smoother. I know understand why some girls do a ACV rinse and it has a pH of about 4 when it is diluted.

According to the Science of Black Hair we should be using a shampoo, a conditioner and a moisturiser that are all pH balanced.  

This is something I am going to be looking more into. Do any of you ladies pay attention to the pH of your products?


  1. I don't but everytime I read a post about it I tell myself I need to get some ph strips :/ I can honestly say though that my neutralising shampoo leaves my hair feeling amazingly softer than my other shampoos.

    I will be looking into this more from now on, my hair just loves the Macadamia oil deep conditioner and it has a ph of about 5.

    1. Where do you buy your Macadamia conditioner? I would not mind trying it.

    2. Most times I buy it on Amazon for under US $20 but I also get it at Farida's in West Mall, it is usually around TT $250 for 8oz.

  2. Interesting. I never like the feeling of My hair straight after relaxing. I like it better a week or so later.

    Have a whole bottle of that ors shampoo, maybe worth trying....

    1. I think the feeling is more of my hair being smooth. I suppose it is because my cuticles are laying flat. It's a great feeling.

  3. I started thinking of it! But haven't actually taken out the pH colour strips. All i know is a good leave in balances your hair pH, now
    I haven't checked the pH of my leave in. But will pay more attention!

  4. You know, Carolyn ... I do and I don't. I do a final rinse with my Roux Porosity Control (which is a ph of 4.5, I think), so I think that really helps. I know that if my cuticle is not closed, I will definitely know it. My ends will take on a broomstick appearance. I have used a ACV rinse a few times, but never consistently.

    I have never tested products with those strips, though!


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