Saturday, July 20, 2013

Oh my hair

So earlier this year my goal was to grow out all of my hair to the same length. Everything was going well until I decided to try ponytail flexi rod sets overnight. I parted my hair down the middle and did two ponytails at the middle of my head and used flexi rods so I could get curls in the morning. I did this for a week and then when deep conditioning during the weekend, I realised the ends of the front section of my hair had broken off.

I am tempted to cut off some of my hair to try and even the look but then  I realised I have been cutting my hair consistently since July 2011-no wonder my hair has not gone past APL. I was focused on growing out and cutting off damage, then I stopped texlaxing my hair 70% and began doing it 50% and I cut off the straighter ends. I cut off about 6 inches this year alone! 

I am thinking of just letting my hair be, let it do its own thing. No more flexi rod sets, at least not overnight and no more cuts. I think it might be best to just let my hair grow until December and then decide what to do with my hair. I will be on my hair journey for 5 years come 2014 and it's time to see some definite changes in length.


  1. Carolyn!!!!!!! I was just coming over here to send you an email and see how everything is going with you!

    I am so sorry to hear about your breakage. I thought about you today. I had a consultation with a potential stylist and we were talking about how hard it is to grow out the front (I thought about your term "perma-bang!"

    I agree with you. I would not cut my hair again (sans dusting). Let it grow for a long while and then figure out what to do! Having blunt hair is a goal of mine later on, not now! I would be at APL again if I wanted a blunt cut!

    Good luck lady! I will be rooting for you!

    1. Thanks for the comment and yes those "perma-bangs" are the worst! Let me know what methods you decide on to grow out that area.

      I won't be cutting again until December. If I don't put down the scissors I will never see any length!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about another setback Carolyn, I am glad that I did not read that you are giving up because I'm cheering you on. Just letting your hair be for a while is a good move, I want blunt ends so I have to cut again but I decided to leave it be until the end of the year. Stay strong, I know you can do this :)

    1. Girl yes! I am not giving up. My goal for my wedding day is waist length hair! I am very far from that goal but it's ok, I haven't found the man yet either :p lol

      The rest of my hair is thriving. The middle and back of my hair all end at the same level which is just slightly above APL. I really need the front to get there, my hair is fine so I think it will really help it look thicker if all my hair was that long.

  3. Good to hear from you! Sorry about another set back. But it sounds like a good idea to just let your hair be for half a year. Have you tried brazilan blow out? I do that to My hair 2- 3 Times' a year and it really strengthen My hair.

    So areyou going to stay away from rekaxers as well?

  4. Sorry to hear of your set back! Good luck with the rest of the year :)


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