Saturday, December 21, 2013

No, I'm not dead

Sorry I have been MIA for so long from the blog. I have been focusing my energies on things other than my hair of late. My major issue that has been occupying my time is my battle with chronic acne for the past decade. I developed acne at age 21 after escaping it during the teenage years. Ten years later and I have good years and bad years. My focus has been on treating it while at the same time no longer using prescription medication.

So on to the hair, I have not been neglecting my hair. I continue to care for it even though it has been a real struggle for me. Retention of my length is my major challenge. This leads me to believe that my regimen is not working and I am making some changes.

First of all, my beloved Nexxus Conditioner is not working for my hair anymore. Nexxus went and changed the formula and my hair HATES it. I am still seeking out the perfect conditioner that both provides the right mix of protein and moisture at the same time.

I am also doing what helped me to get to grazing BSL in the early days of my journey-using glycerin based moisturisers. I had a love-hate relationship with S-Curl so I opted to try Care Free Curl and I must say, I am in love with it. I moisturise with it and seal with shea butter and I have seen a drastic reduction in breakage. I am currently in the middle of a stretch and will do a proper update sometime in January when I texlax my hair.

Sometimes I feel a bit down when I think of where my hair could/should be after all these years on my hair journey and then I remembered, I told God I wanted waist length hair on my wedding day. So maybe I will make WL when I texlax my hair just before my wedding day. After all, I am still single and given that I have a short torso, if I could get my hair back on track, I could go from APL to WL in about a year. So maybe it's not my time yet for either one of those things. Wouldn't that be funny. God does have a sense of humour after all . . .


  1. Hi Carolyn!!!!! It is sooooooooooo great to see you back! I totally understand about the acne thing. I am like "When will I outgrow this madness! I am now 30 for God's sake!"

    I hope you made it to your goal of BSB ... and you know what? You will get to WL when you get there. I know it is hard not to think about where you could be 5 years after the fact, but hey ... you live and learn. 2014 will see you at BSL and beyond!

  2. Good to see you re back! You ve been missed.

    I have some good natural healthy advice for you acne. And you know what? The skin and hair is made of same material and what is good for the skin is good for the hair.

  3. I love when you blog because you're so honest about the struggles of a hj. Also I suggest you try the GVP version of Nexxus (I assume) Humectress. I know they kept the original version even when Nexxus changed it. I guess it won't hurt to see.

  4. Welcome back Carolyn and Happy New Year!

    I have been battling acne for well over 20 years and prescription medication has done more harm than good to both me and my pocket. I am fed up and finally gave in to taking birth control, the doctor recommended YAZ. I am no fan of birth contol medications but this has been working wonders. As for your hair, you will get there, 2014 is our year!

  5. First time reader. You can beat the acne dear. Try drinking one of those fizzy vitamin c supplements like airborne & emergen-c.

    You know what? My hormones were all whacked out the week after I gave birth to my youngest. No lie, like FOUR monstrous angry cystic pimples began to form a cluster on my chin. Took me back to high school in a matter of days! So I hopped on and found this remedy: megadose on airborne! Take 2-3 doses every 3 hrs and you'll see a difference in 24 hrs. In fact, if the pimple is just beginning to form, it'll flatten right out within a day! As for the older ones, the redness will subside and the pain will lessen. Any brand or flavor will work. Google it.

    Another remedy is to drink 1 or 2 tsp or Apple Cider Vinegar each morning. Just add however much water it takes to get it down. I don't like the taste, but it does clear up your skin, regulates your menstrual cycle too.. among MANY other things.

    I don't know you, but you are beautiful and I know the struggles of acne well. I pray these simple and cheap remedies will help you.

    @Candace isn't there a YAZ class action law suit going on??? I could swear I've seen advertisements on TV about it. Please look into it and compare other options with your doc if possible.

    God bless you all!!!


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