Friday, April 18, 2014

Shampoo and non-deep condition wash-- thoughts after two weeks

For the past two weeks, I have washed my hair three times per week. My weekend wash includes a deep condition whereas the washes in the week are simply a shampoo and conditioner wash.

The major change I have seen in my hair is fewer small pieces of broken hairs. Length retention has been a challenge for me for so anything that can help prevent my ends from breaking off is much appreciated. I think my hair appreciates the extra moisture I get from wetting my hair three times a week. If I can keep my length retention on point, then I am going to see changes in length.

I will keep monitoring my hair from week to week to see if I notice any untoward consequences from wetting my hair so frequently. So far, so good, however.


  1. How are you styling your hair with these extra washes? I am interested in washing/co-washing more frequently since I experienced a Major Setback, but like you, I am texlaxed. I would be afraid that using heat more often would negate any benefits I might gain from more conditioning. Could you please provide some advice?
    Life In a Shoe

  2. Happy this is working really well for you! I have been thinking about incorporating mid week washes too!

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