Saturday, January 7, 2012

Can lightning strike twice? Hair Journey review in photos

I began my hair journey on January 31, 2009 with a fresh relaxer. It looked like this:

By October 2009 my hair looked like this:

January 2010: Hair looking healthy

By December 2010 my hair began to show signs of the damage caused by too heavy cone usage and not enough clarifying. Hair is no longer shiny and ends don't look that great. I am almost at BSL though.

2011: The year of setbacks and hair cuts

July 2011: Where has my hair gone? There was no major, noticeable breakage, no shedding. My ends were just gradually breaking off.

October 2011: The cutting begins first with a failed attempt at a blunt cut. Hair still dry looking. I continued using cones.

November: Freshly texlaxed. The journey begins once more: Cone free in November 2011

Looking at my photos I realise that my hair can grow long. My problem was retention of length due to heavy cone usage. My hair grew a lot in 2009 and I am hoping that I can mirror this in 2012. I now know what works and does not work for my hair and so the regrowth process begins.

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