Thursday, January 26, 2012

The fresh salon relaxer look when you are several weeks post

I am absolutely loving my hair these days. I have no complaints whatsoever. I have decided that airdrying is not for me. I am a roller set type of girl. If you are texlaxed to the degree that I am (about 70) then you will realise it is almost impossible to get your hair to dry straight, perhaps the ends of the hair, but the roots do not dry straight. I airdry in a cross wrap and I can get it to lay flat and not turn into an afro which is what happens when I airdry loose. However, sometimes you want to make your hair look like it is bone straight.

There are times when I want Ateyaa hair. I remember the first video I ever saw on youtube about relaxed hair was hers and she was swinging her hair. It had so much body I was just in awe. Then I saw how much direct heat she used and I thought I would never have hair that looked like that.

That is, until I discovered the technique of reverse roller setting. Reverse roller sets straighten your hair that it looks like you have just flat ironed your hair. It takes away the need to do a roller set and then a silk wrap. What is reverse roller setting? Basically instead of rolling your hair over the rollers and then downwards, you roll it upwards. One of the benefits of doing it this way is that it flattens any new growth that you have and texlaxed hair looks bone straight. It really does look as if you have had a fresh relaxer. I believe it results in more tension which is why you get a straighter result.

You can see how this is done is the video below.

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