Monday, January 23, 2012

How diet can affect your growth rate

I have noticed of late that my hair growth rate has increased by leaps and bounds. I am currently 10 weeks post and when I do a strand test of my shedded hairs, I have 1.75 inches of growth in the front and 2 inches in the back. To me, that is unbelievable because in 2010 when I began measuring the new growth of my shedded strands I was averaging 1 inch of growth every 12 weeks.

I want to say that my hair was not growing to its true potential rather than me finding the secret for rapid growth. I believe I was suffering from a slight case of malnutrition and therefore after my body took the little I was giving it, not very much was left for my hair.

In 2011 I began eating an extremely healthy diet. I was suffering from severe moderate adult acne which no longer responded to prescription medication and in my desperate quest to find something that would work I decided to follow a very restrictive diet based on the work of two dermatologists and a nutritionist I had come across.

I cut out juice, sugar, dairy, flour and potatoes from my diet. These foods can all cause inflammation in the body and inflammation is the bane of the moderate acne sufferer. I began to eat 7 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day and lots of peas and beans. I eat the rainbow so every day I aim for something red, dark green, yellow or orange, dark green and black or blue or purple. I also took supplements such as cod liver oil and evening primrose oil.

Within a week my face, which was completely covered in acne, began to show improvement. Within 3 months I could safely say I no longer had severe acne. It is now 6 months later and my skin looks wonderful. I still suffer from slight breakouts at "that time of the month" but I will take a few pimples over a face covered with large, inflamed bumps.

I have an extreme diet which has helped me achieve clear skin as well as rapid hair growth which has been is a wonderful side effect. This is an extremely healthy diet which provides the body with all the vitamins and minerals it could need for optimal health. I believe that after my organs use what they need for vital processes, there is enough left over for my hair and my skin. There have been other benefits such as the fact that I have not had a cold in year, I have a lot of energy, my skin from head to toe glows and my nails are growing quickly So I believe I can safely say that diet does have an impact on hair growth.

Most people are probably suffering from malnutrition to a certain extent if they do not eat at least 5 colourful fruits and vegetables a day. I would advise everyone to try and increase their fruit and vegetable intake. It is easiest if you try to have fruit and/or vegetables with every meal.

For instance, I have a green smoothie each morning for breakfast which includes a non-dairy milk, spinach, bananas and strawberries. I always have a salad with my lunch which can range from a coleslaw with carrots and purple cabbage or as simple as diced cucumbers and tomatoes with a dash of red wine vinegar and a sprinkle of parsley. For the after lunch munchies I opt for a fruit:an apple, a handful of prunes, a julie mango, guavas. I would also include a simple salad with my dinner which would be in addition to any vegetables I include in the actual meal. Before I know it I have eaten at least 7 servings a day.

Growth aids are not necessary. All you need is a healthy diet. Instead of spending money on the latest potion and hair oil lines which are not cheap, try spending that money on your diet. You will be healthier for it; you will strengthen your body's ability to fight cancer as the colourful foods are full of antioxidants and your hair will grow faster. It is all win win.

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