Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I cut my hair and my Hair Plans for 2012

In 2011 I was unable to put down the scissors. I cut my hair 3 or 4 times in 2011. My last cut was today when I decided to rid myself of the remaining straight ends. My hair is now completely relaxed at no more than 70 percent from root to tip. I love the texlaxed hair as it makes my very fine hair appear to be of medium thickness. I will never have extremely thick hair but the fact that I leave some texture in my hair really makes a difference. My hair is chemically altered so I am able to get my hair very straight with just a rollerset.

The 3rd anniversary of my Hair Journey will be on the 31st of January. My hair is obviously not at BSL which is where I had hoped I would be when I first started my journey back in 2009. I am disappointed because I have spent so much time, money and effort on my journey only to not see the results. I do know I would have been at BSL had it not been for the setback due to heavy cone usage and lack of sufficient clarifying with sulphate shampoos.

I am looking on the bright side though. My hair is growing everyday, I just need to ensure that I retain my ends. I believe I am the right track now. I know my hair can grow. I also know what caused my breakage. I have also realised that my hair is growing really quickly of late because I eat an extremely, healthy diet. In seven weeks I was able to grow an inch of hair, when in the past it would take me 12 weeks to do the same. This means that if I retain my ends and continue with my healthy diet and current growth rate, I might be luckily enough to gain 7 inches in 2012. I am currently in between SL and APL. Once I make it to APL there will only be a 9.5 inch span to my ultimate goal of WL. If I keep this up then I will make WL in a little over a year. Ambitious, I know but I need a goal to work towards.

My Hair Plans for 2012 are therefore growth and retention. I do not use growth aids. I believe a healthy diet is all one needs.

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