Saturday, March 17, 2012

How would you achieve this style?

I came across this photo of a half wig and I found it to be a pretty cute hairstyle which I wouldn't mind rocking. What I am wondering is how to achieve it? Do you think one could do it with the smallest size of magnetic rollers or would large perm rods be better? I don't have very small rollers so I will have to run out and get. I think I will be trying this style on Wednesday, my next wash day. I really prefer having curls to wearing my hair straight.


  1. I think smaller magnetic rollers with some setting lotion should give you this kind of look

  2. You could try medium sized bantu knots on SMOOTH dry hair using a setting or wrap lotion that would not leave your hear crunchy or flaky. If the knots are too big, you'll end up with waves. Too small and you might end up looking like curly Sue. Bantu knot out is my go to solution if I want curls without having to go out and buy new small rollers. It's a very cute style.


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