Monday, March 26, 2012

ORS Crazy

I am a recovering product junkie and to avoid a relapse I tend to go shopping for hair supplies with a list in hand to ensure that I leave with only what I need. Unfortunately, sometimes even with the best of intentions one can be tempted. Am tempted I was indeed today.

My plan was to purchase another ORS HAIRepair as I wanted to deep condition half my hair with the Replenishing Conditioner and half with the HAIRepair to see which one I liked best. I meant to only pick that up, but what should I spy on the shelf just below? The ORS Hair Masque which I have been dying to try.

Now it is not cheap for only 11oz of product. I paid $81.95 in my currency which is almost US$13. It is sold on for US$10.

I tend to use the ORS Hair Mayonnaise as my medium protein treatment, once every 6 weeks and then the week prior to and after a relaxer. The Mayonnaise has hydrolyzed collagen as its protein and the Hair Masque has hydrolyzed keratin so I believe the Hair Masque is a stronger protein treatment. The label warns that the product is not for daily use.

I will be trying this out this weekend. I am going to chelate my hair with my ORS Aloe Shampoo and will follow up with the ORS Hair Masque. I also wanted to do a length check, so given that I will be doing a heavier protein treatment, I feel okay about flat ironing my hair.


  1. hey, if u do live in south, you can get the masque for $43 @ santa's ... I was surprised that it was half the price as the one in pennywise :) ... Its opposite pennywise in san f'do i bought it today!!! I don't know if they have a branch in POS

    1. Wow that is a major difference in price. I don't live in South but it might be worth it if I went and bought two jars. Thanks for the tip!

  2. I saw this in penny wise too but after seeing the price I kept it moving, I just might have to take a trip to south.......this is not good I'm a product junkie!


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