Friday, March 30, 2012

I really want an EdgeStick

I've been going back on forth on this matter for quite some time now. My edges do not lay flat. My hair grows up and out and no matter what I try, I end up not only with fuzzy edges, but edges that coil into little balls. I have tried every method that I see working for other ladies, but for me they have all been failures. My hairline has the tightest coil when compared to the rest of my head so the scarf method, the ORS edge control and all the other products can control it but for only a short space of time--maybe an hour or two. The one product which did work ended up causing breakage in my temple area and so that was also a no-go. It caused my hair to fall out and I was left with small bald patches.

Now I have been thinking about the EdgeStick because I figure heat could lay down my edges pretty well, but therein lies the problem. I try to limit direct heat. I rarely flat iron my hair; usually only 4 times a year. I never use my blowdryer. It is there for emergency use, say one day I'm in the middle of my routine and I have to go out suddenly. Instead of roller setting, I would blow dry. That has happened only once in the 3 years I have been caring for my hair.

If I were to purchase an Edgestick, I would limit myself to using it twice a week, only after deep conditioning my hair and along with heat protectant yet I still am afraid of bi-weekly heat on such a delicate area. I have very fine hair which begins to get weighed down by product and my naturally oily scalp, so I can't do more than 3 days without washing my hair or it starts to get limp and oily. I also know if you are going to be using heat you should only do it on freshly washed, deep conditioned hair.

I know that heat is bad and does a number on hair. At the same time, could it also be that pre-hair journey, many of us used heat on a daily basis on hair that was dirty and rarely deep conditioned? Maybe that was  the cause of the hair woes when it came to heat usage.

All I know right now is that I am tired of the fuzzy hairline. I have rocked it for the past 3 years as I have never relaxed my hair sooner than 12 weeks, but of late I am really contemplating either getting an EdgeStick or reverting to my pre-hair journey days and relaxing every 8 weeks.

My question is, which is the lesser of the two evils?

Ah decisions, decisions.


  1. You should check out our FaceBook page "theedgestick" and our site "" for videos and feedback from EdgeStick users. I used the styling tool for three years to transition from relaxed to natural before making "the big chop" and still use it for blow outs. I love the results, and you will too!

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. I have checked out your website and your Facebook page. I am just a little afraid of using heat on a regular basis. Still considering it, haven't made a decision as yet.


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