Thursday, April 19, 2012

Did you have long hair as a child?

I stumbled across a video on Youtube today and in the comments there was a debate about whether ALL girls of African can actually grow their hair long. One of the persons was arguing that when you look at the girls who grow their hair to BSL onwards they usually had long hair as children. Their hair was short later on in life due to poor hair care but they were genetically wired to having long hair.

In my case I never had long hair. Shoulder length hair was a dream for me back in the day so to have hair that is past my shoulders is a miracle. Here is a picture of me as a child showing my hair. It's not very clear but it's one of the few I have scanned.

So my question is, did you ladies have long hair as children or were you not even EL as I was?

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  1. I grew up in Africa and spent my entire childhood in individual plaits gathered into a ponytail for 3 months at a time, or tiny cornrows for as long as a month or more. I graduated to getting braids when I was way older but I remember that by the time I was ten years old, my hair (natural not permed or flat-ironed, the only heat used was after washing when the hair lady would blow dry the hell out of my hair) was armpit length. My mother cut my hair when I was about 12 and since then I have always felt like it didn't grow back to that length due to, as you so correctly point out, 'poor hair care'. I am back to basics though, doing what my mother did to my hair when I was younger and I am seeing and feeling my hair grow. Hopefully, I can get it to BSL in the next few years. Great post and such a cute pic!


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