Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I bought mesh rollers!

After seeing Ebony from Longing 4 Length and Jeni from Just Grow Already rave about their mesh rollers, I had them in the back of my mind and so when I happened to see them today, I just had to get them. I bought the Goody brand rollers. One pack has 20 rollers which includes 8 medium sized rollers and 12 small ones. I decided to get 2 packs. They were so inexpensive; I paid $9.95 per pack in my currency which comes out to just a little over US $1.50. I just could not pass up on it. I may even buy a third pack just in case I need a few more when roller setting my hair. My rollers are smaller than what the other ladies have been using, so I will end up with a tighter curl.

This is what they look like:

I promise to actually take photos of my results when using the rollers. I tend to really be bad with adding photos to my blog posts.


  1. hey where did u buy these?

    1. If you live in Trinidad, I got them at Pennywise, Trincity Mall.

  2. ok thanks, i'll be sure to check there :)


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