Saturday, September 24, 2011

A girl on a mission: WL hair by December 2012

I'm on a mission. I want waist length hair by December 2012. I have been on my hair journey since January 2009 and had great success up until October 2009 when I hit grazing APL. Since then my hair has not significantly changed in length. I continue to be somewhere between APL and BSL. I deep condition regularly and I protective style all the time, but I am disappointed with my results. I will be turning 30 in May 2012 and would like to be BSL by then. Based on my body's proportions, I have a 3" span between BSL/MBL and WL, so if I make it to BSL/MBL for my 30th, I will be well on my way to WL hair.
Update: I experienced a major set back and I am now back at just above APL. My WL by December 2012 is not possible. I am hoping for BSB by May 2012 and MBL by December 2012 instead.

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