Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Herbal Hair care: Basil infused olive oil and rosemary infused coconut oil

This year I am getting serious about reversing the damage I experiencing and not only regaining my lost inches but also growing some additional ones. I know people rave about hair potions and other growth aids which they religiously rub into their scalp, but unfortunately I have never been one for rubbing things on my scalp. I have seen progress pictures, but I really don't like it and therefore I don't have the motivation to do it.

I need to make some changes to my reggie though. Instead of adding complicated steps to it (after all, my hair can't control my life), I am just going to try to make them more effective. I have decided to reintroduce hot oil treatments to my hair. When I first started my journey I did them as pre-poos to protect my hair from the sulphates shampoos I was using at that time. Once I switched over to sulphate free, I stopped using them and I think that was a mistake. Oils which can penetrate the hair shaft are always a good idea in a hair regimen.

Now that I have started a new regimen, I am attempting two hot oil treatments a week. One will be a rosemary infused coconut oil hot oil treatment or coconut oil deep condition (however you wish to refer to it), the 2nd one will be a basil infused olive oil hot oil.

Rosemary and basil are important for hair growth and health. Rosemary is known to stimulate the hair follicles and prevents against premature balding. Basil improves circulation in the scalp which can promote hair growth. Since I have never come across these essential oils in my homeland of Trinidad, I will be using the dried leaves and soaking them in the oil.

I will be starting next week as I need to go out and purchase my supplies. I will show you how I make the oils in another blog post next week.

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