Sunday, September 25, 2011

The importance of tracking the progress of your hair

My camera died in December 2010 and I didn't replace it until April 2011. I was unable to take length check pics of my hair after my January 2011 texlax and when I did replace my camera, I was in the midst of a 6 months stretch and did not properly document my hair's progress.
I recently discovered that my hair was experiencing major set backs as I looked back at my photos while creating this blog. I know that things were going well up until December 2010 as I have photographic evidence. I remember being pleased with my January 2011 texlax but I have no photos to look back at so I have to rely on my memory.
I don't have many pictures of my January to July 6 month stretch. I believe this is when I had my setback and didn't realise it. I was extremely disappointed with my July results especially since I had been stretching for 6 months. I really believed that I had reached terminal length until I looked back at my photos and realised that my hair in July 2011 was shorter than it had been in October 2010. It had also lost some thickness.
I have learnt a few lessons from this experience. I don't think I will stretch for 6 months again and I will be doing frequent length checks and taking progress pics. I lost a lot of length during that period and I have no pictures to identify when the breakage occurred. I also was not keeping track of the changes to my regimen. This is the reason for this blog. I need to be able to track what I am doing to my hair and how it is responding.

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