Monday, September 26, 2011

Reforming product junkie

I headed out today to get some jumbo rollers. I live in Trinidad so these were not easy to find. I was advised to visit a certain store where someone had seen them. Upon announcing my intention to visit this store to my family I got "the look" which expresses their concern that I am going to spend way too much money on my hair.

It is true, during the past two years since I have been on my journey, I have bought a lot of hair products, too many in my opinion. Some have been dumped, others sit on a shelf collecting dust. I am currently unemployed and once again a student, so money is important and can't be flushed down the drain which is what I do when I toss an unwanted setting lotion in the washbasin.

My intention today was just to purchase the jumbo rollers. Did I get them? Yes. Did I purchase more than I intended? Yes. Were my purchases necessary? YES!!!! LOL. I did purchase two additional items but they are useful. Not a hair product I was interested in trying out. I did feast my eyes a bit in the store, but all I came away with were the rollers and two wraps for my hair. I purchased a velcro satin wrap and a mesh wrap for when I do my cross wraps.

I roller set my hair when I returned home but it was sort of a fail as I needed more than the 12 rollers I purchased. Unfortunately the store only had 12. I need about 4 more. I cross wrapped my hair and put on the mesh wrap. I will leave it on until tomorrow and see what my wrap looks like. What I liked about the wraps was that they come in different colours. You are not limited to the basic black. I bought a wine coloured mesh wrap and a red satin wrap.

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