Monday, September 26, 2011

Why waist length hair?

I am one of those people who watches the Miss Universe Pageant every year if possible. During the pageant I am always blown away by the hair on those ladies. I know sometimes it is not theirs as both black and white add extensions to give that thick, flowing head of hair look, but it doesn't prevent me from looking at those manes with longing. What can I say? I love long hair.

Leila Lopes, the current Miss Universe is absolutely gorgeous and I am very happy that she won, but I can't help but look at the mane on Miss Ukraine. Oh to have hair that long!

Before I had ever heard of the term "Hair Journey" and came across pictures and videos from ladies such as Sunshyne of Hairlista and Traycee from KISS, I never thought that all black women could have long hair. I really believed you had to have a looser kink for your hair to grow long. I thought that I was destined to always have neck length hair and secretly wished and even prayed that it would at least grow to my shoulders!

Growing my hair long is not a challenge for me. It is not sometime I am doing just to prove others wrong. I am doing it because I love long, luscious locks. That's why I know once I reach my goal, I will not be cutting my hair as I see some ladies doing. To each their own, but me personally, I will be loving myself and my long hair. I will be rocking Miss Ukraine's do. I will deserve it by the time I get there as that is going to take the commitment of several years.

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