Monday, October 10, 2011

Diet can affect your hair growth rate

I am generally a slow grower. I had a growth spurt from January to July 2009 when I first began my hair journey. After that it took forever to get anywhere. It usually takes me 12-14 weeks to grow an inch of hair. This would equal between 0.25 to 0.33 inches each month which is below the 0.5 inch a month average. I determine the rate of my hair growth by looking at shedded hairs during a stretch. I stretch out the roots of a shedded hair and I can usually tell where I am at.

Yesterday after washing, I detangled my hair and did a new growth test on a shedded hair. I am exactly 12 weeks post and I was pleasantly surprised to note that after 12 weeks, I had 1.25 inches of hair when stretched out. This means that my growth has increased and is now about 0.42 inches a month. This is pretty exciting for me because this is going to equal 5 inches of growth a year!!! Now all I have to do is retain those inches.

I increased my growth rate through eating a proper diet. I have been eating a lot of beans, peas, vegetables (I aim to eat the rainbow every day ie red, yellow/orange, dark green, purple/blue fruits and vegetables every day). I also snack on nuts ie pecans, walnuts and almonds. I have cut out all processed foods, all foods with added sugar as well as bread. This has not only helped in turning about my skin issues but has also increased the rate at which my hair is growing.

My goal is to see if my rate will continue to increase or if it will plateau at 5 inches a year. So if your hair is not growing properly, try changing the way you eat to see if it will make a difference. After all hair needs vitamins and minerals to be at its best and the only way to get these in your blood stream is through food.

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