Friday, October 14, 2011

Postponing my October texlax

I am still experiencing breakage of the ends of my hair due to my protein overload. My hair feels odd. It is not happy. Each time I moisturise my hair I get short strands coming out in my hands. It is so frustrating. Based on my current problems, I have decided to postpone my October texlax to a yet to be determined date. I don't want to give my hair any extra stress by exposing it to such a harsh chemical.

Today I went back to S-Curl to moisturise my hair as nothing seems to working. I figured instead of buying something new it would be best to use what I already have. The S-curl worked really well. I moisturised this morning and then I did it again tonight.

My plan is to flat iron my hair next week to see what damage I have sustained from the protein overload. I am dreading it as I am probably going to have to cut my hair. If the ends are as bad as I suspect them to be due to the breakage, they will eventually have to go.

I am really frustrated. I am well on my way to my 3rd hair anniversary and still have not made reached where I want to be. I will be back in a weeks time with current photos of my hair.

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