Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fifteen weeks post and plans for the future

Friday marked the beginning of the 15th week of my stretch. I did a 6 month stretch earlier this year which ended in July and while I didn't have any major issues with my line of demarcation, my problem was I did not retain any length due to my cone overload.

I have decided to stretch for another 6 months. I was originally scheduled to texlax in October but based on the fact that I was not happy with the condition of my hair I did not want to tempt fate and put a relaxer in my hair. I decided to keep stretching and my 15th week came by without me even realising it. Now that I have sorted things out and my hair is doing a lot better, I have decided to keep the stretch going. What I have noticed is that deep conditioning my hair three times a week has really helped my new growth keep soft and manageable and, most importantly, well moisturised.

I am not expecting any major change in length when I do finally texlax in December for Christmas, crossing my fingers for a little less than an inch. I am hoping for a visible change in April 2012 which will be six months from my trim in October which is the starting point of my new hair journey. My growth is a little below average so I am hoping to grow and retain about 2 1/2 inches.

My next update will be in December when I texlax and flat iron. From January 2012 I will be doing length checks every other month. This would mean I will be flat ironing my hair every other month and posting pics. This way I will be able to determine if I am gaining inches or losing. I don't usually flat iron, but I suppose 6 times a year is not too terrible and I only ever do it after I have used a protein based deep conditioner.

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