Monday, October 3, 2011

Hair Oiling until the end of the year

I am rapidly approaching the 3rd anniversary of my hair journey and I cannot say that I am happy with where I am. I lost inches during my 6th month stretch that put me back at my 2010 length. I can't let that get me down though, very few people have an easy journey. I am now trying to focus on rebuilding my hair. I will see what the current state of my hair is when I texlax on October 21st at 14 weeks post. I believe I definitely will have to cut some hair due to the breakage of the ends.

My game plan is to intensify my treatments. I have decided to wash my hair three times a week. Two washes will be a shampoo wash followed by a co-wash. I will deep condition my hair once a week. Before each wash I will apply my oil infusions to my scalp and give myself as massage and then apply the oils to the length of my hair. I am not expecting miracles for my next texlax as I only recently discovered what was happening with my hair. However, I am hoping I will see some progress by the time my December texlax comes around.

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