Monday, November 14, 2011

9.5 inches more

I measured from the current limits of the length of my hair to my ultimate goal of WL hair and I realised I just have 9.5 more inches to go. That doesn't seem like an impossible goal. Growing 9.5 inches of hair will not be the hard part. The hard part will be retaining what I already have on my head.

My short term goal of BSB (Below Shoulder Blade) is just about three inches away and my medium term goal is MBL (and also BSL for me due to my proportions) which is 5 inches away.

My growth rate is currently 0.4167 inches a month which is a bit under the average rate of 0.5 inches a month. I worked this out by looking at a shedded strand of hair when I was 12 weeks or 3 months post relaxer. At that point I had about 1.25 inches of new growth. I will test my growth rate again right before I relax at 12 weeks post.

Now I know this is not an exact science. I am, in fact, guestimating, but I am going to make a rough estimate of when I will hit my goals at this growth rate.

3" of growth= 7 months to BSB or June 2012

5" of growth= 12 months to MBL/BSL or November 2012

9.5" of growth=23 months to WL or October 2013

Now I know that my hair can get to BSB as I have been there before. My challenge is going to be retention of my ends. I will ensure that I continue to have a proper diet to ensure my hair is getting all of the nutrients it needs to grow healthy. I will not be using topical growth aids as I don't believe they are necessary. Hair grows no matter what we do. I will be paying particular attention to the ends of my hair to ensure I meet my goals.

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