Thursday, November 24, 2011

The air drying chronicles: How I air dry my texlaxed hair

Air drying has always been a complete fail for me. I have tried every method in the book to air dry my texlaxed strands and usually end up look a hot mess. I decided to give up on airdrying this year because it was not working for me. I relented because sometimes you just do not have the time to roller set your hair and spend 30-45 minutes under the dryer waiting for it to dry.

I have three methods for airdrying which vary in terms of drying time and degree of straightness:

If I desire the bone straight look then I air dry in 3 inch rollers which are the largest size I have been able to find. My hair will dry in about 3 hours using this method.

If I am going for a curly look when hair is about 80 percent try I put it in six flexi rods. I never sleep in flexi rods though as I am paranoid about my hair getting caught in the ends of the rod so I take them out just before bed. This method takes about 2-3 hours as well.

My final method came out of an experiment I tried last night. I was not in the mood to roller set my hair so I decided to cross wrap my damp hair. A cross wrap is when you take your hair and divide it in two down the middle. You criss cross each side of the hair and then pin the ends to the top of your head. I usually add a mesh wrap and then remove the pins. It is a better method than the regular circular method as it is easier on your edges. I left my hair in the wrap overnight and this morning when I let it down, I had a satisfactory result. Granted, it was not straight but it did not go all Diana Ross on me, which is what I would call a success. Best part is that a cross wrap takes less than 5 minutes.

You can see my results below. My texlaxed texture is definitely evident but it has not poofed. It is pretty good if I am bunning or doing a cute updo.

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