Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hair Confession: I am tired of stretching my relaxer

My last stretch was only 10 weeks which has been the shortest period I have gone without a relaxer since I began my hair journey. My plan was to have stretched for 14 weeks but I was so tired of the two textures that I decided to give in and texlax. It was during that previous stretch that I was just tired with it all. I texlax my hair to have somewhat straight hair because that is the look I prefer, yet at the same time, I constantly have to contend with natural hair and texlaxed hair because I stretch. Back in the day it would take 10 weeks before I really saw any significant growth, so stretching to 12-14 weeks was really easy. I would texlax and I'd have an inch after 3 months.

Now that I have a ridiculously healthy diet (I'm talking at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day, no sugar, no processed foods etc) my growth rate has dramatically improved, in fact I would state that my hair is growing at its optimal rate. My new growth is noticeable from the 3rd week and by the 6th week I am frustrated with it all.  I really feel like I have two options. Either I start relaxing every 8 weeks or I go back natural, so that I commit to one look. I am currently 6 weeks post and I already have over 1 inch of new growth. This is enough to prevent excessive overlapping when I relax, however I am not keen on the idea of using chemicals that often. I also don't like to use direct heat so flat ironing my roots is out of the question for me, my country is in the Caribbean and it gets hot and I would sweat it out in a day or two.

All I know is I am frustrated. Stretching is not something new to me. I have stretched to 16 weeks and even completed a 6 month stretch and had no breakage at the line of demarcation. The problem is not that I need to learn to stretch. The issue is that I am tired of always having two significant textures of hair.

This post has helped me to make a decision. I will be texlaxing on June 14th at 8 weeks post. I seem to be rebelling a lot of late: using sulphate shampoos, using products with petrolatum and now eliminating long stretches. We will see if my likes these changes. If not, I will just have to stick it out with the stretching.

I just finished washing and roller setting my hair. This is what my new growth looks like. I will be 6 weeks post tomorrow. I don't think I can make another 6 weeks.


  1. I completely feel you on this! I'm not a huge fan of the long stretches like 3-6 months... It's just too much work. I usually relax at 10 weeks, so my hair gets fewer relaxers and I have less work lol :). I hope these changes work in your favor! I also don't think sulfates are so bad ;)

    1. Stretching has its place. I would never dare to relax if I didn't have at least 1 inch of new growth.

      And yes! Sulphates are not the enemy. I went back to sulphates since this year began and things are going well.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Oh my goodness, I'm glad I found you! I've been trying to grow my hair and have been looking for tips. I'm originally from the Caribbean and since moving to the US, my hair has gone to rubbish. I can't even use relaxers anymore as they break my hair badly, so I use texturizers, the just for me brand for kids works best for me.
    It still breaks, but I found an apple cider vinegar treatment that is helping wonderfully. I add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 1 cup of warm filtered water after shampooing and before conditioning. My hair is just below shoulder length and I would love to see how long I could grow it out.

    Good luck in your endeavour!

    1. Thank you for comment. Sorry to hear about your breakage. There are so many things that can cause breakage. If you haven't already, I think you should introduce yourself to the work of Audrey Sivasothy. She wrote "The Science of Black Hair" and also runs a website where you can find lots of information which is very useful when you are trying to figure things out:

      Good luck on your journey! I know you will reach your goals.

  3. So funny because I was just going through this debate in my head. I wanted to stretch to 6 months but then I'd have to wear wigs and half wigs and I don't want to do that. I decided to just relax between 10-12 weeks and just enjoy my hair, instead of looking crazy like I've been! LOL


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