Friday, May 25, 2012

ORS is forcing me back to my product junkie ways

ORS and their new products. I love ORS but with all the new products out there it is really difficult to decide what to use and it is even more difficult to resist the temptation and buy their new products just to test them out.

I have already tried the ORS HAIRepair Nourishing Conditioner, and did a review of it and a comparison of it with the ORS Replenishing Pack, so I knew it to be a good line of products. So when I came across the cremes from the HAIRepair line I decided to try the Intense Moisturise Creme.

What I did not notice at the store was that the product has petrolatum which is an ingredient I have been trying to avoid since I began my hair journey. Now I know there is a debate about petrolatum and whether it harms or helps the hair. There has been many a lady on her hair journey who grew her hair out and retained her length while using petrolatum and found that this ingredient was not a hindrance to her hair goals. Then there are others who avoid it like the plague; me being one of them.

I also ended up getting another hugely popular ORS product which also contains petrolatum, the ORS Olive Oil Incredibly Rich Moisturising Lotion. I moisturised my hair with this product last night and I have to admit my hair feels pretty wonderful. I am not sure how it will feel after a week's use but we will see.

I would also like to purchase the HAIRepair Anti-Breakage Creme which I would probably use primarily on my ends.

I know that many persons insist we stay away from certain ingredients, but at the same time, a hair journey is a pretty personal one that is specific to your hair's needs. I know I have gone back to sulphate shampoos and haven't had any difficulty whereas in the past I was a hardcore sulphate-free user and ran into some problems because of it.

My goal is just to play it by ear and see how my hair feels. My hair usually tells me when it is happy or it is not happy.

Has anyone used any of these products? There seems to be very few reviews in the hair blogging community on these products.


  1. I have used the moisturising lotion for years, that an the hair mayo are the only 2 things in that line I kept going back to until the mayo started getting ridiculously expensive. Since I started taking care of my hair I keep reading that I should stay away from petroleum and mineral oil but the moisturising lotion works great for me. I want to change it but I don't know what to get, living in Trinidad my choices are limited anyways. :(

    1. You can find some petrolatum and mineral oil free choices in Pennywise. I like the ORS Carrot Oil and the Kids Organics Shea Butter and EVOO Detangling and Moisturising Hair Lotion. The only problem is these tend to weigh down my hair a lot. I'm always on the lookout for a better moisturiser.

    2. When I first started taking care of my hair a few months ago I went to pennywise armed with a really long list only to come out disappointed. I wanted reasonable priced stuff I can purchase locally, I got a few things there and other places but still ended up purchasing stuff online. I don't think the shea butter and hair lotion you mentioned was on my list so I'm going to check it out. Unfortunately I turned into a product junkie and I'm trying my best not to purchase any more hair products until I use up most of the things I have. So I'm putting these on that long list that I have of "things I want to try" lol, since its eaiser to access its going to end up closer to the top of the list :)

    3. I have always resisted the temptation to buy hair products online. I limit my purchases online to my heat styling tools. It is so easy to become a product junkie but I think it is important to bear in mind that there is no specific product that will grow your hair. In the beginning you want to use whatever you see the girls with the long hair using, but trying too many products at the same time was part of what caused my problem. I would have probably been at WL by now if I didn't get to product crazy, instead of starting over at SL in January.


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