Sunday, May 27, 2012

Operation BSL

Although I have not officially claimed APL, (I probably will do so after my next texlax at the end of June) I have have been thinking about my next goal which is BSL. BSL is a length I reached in mid-2010 but was unable to hold onto it due to the failure to retain my ends.

There is a 4.5 inch span between APL and grazing BSL for me. I consider grazing to be touching the top of my bra strap. I will consider myself full BSL when my hair reaches to the bottom of the bra strap. If my hair were to grow at the average rate of 0.5 inches per month, then my hair should take 9 months to grow to that length, barring any setbacks. I believe my growth rate is more than average, but I am still going to give myself 9 months to reach BSL. My plan is therefore to be grazing BSL by February 2013. It will take me another 2.5 inches to be full BSL. My goal for that will be July 2013, if I stick with the 0.5 inches a month rate of growth.

In order to get to BSL, in addition to my regular hair regimen, I pledge to:-

- Remember to take my daily multivitamin
I already eat a very healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables yet I believe a multivitamin is still important as foods are not as rich in nutrients as they were 100 years ago. A multivitamin is therefore good to include even if you eat your daily share of red, green, yellow/orange and blue/purples fruits and vegetables.

- Continue eating carrots
I have come across other anecdotal evidence of carrot juice being important for hair growth. Traycee from K.I.S.S. did a post on drinking carrot juice as well as Nadege from Relaxed Hair Health. The ladies from the LHCF also had a thread on increased growth from carrot juice. I noticed the effects of carrots on my own. I was eating lots of carrots to give my body extra Vitamin A in the hopes of curing my skin woes and noticed the side effect was increased growth. I eat carrots rather than juicing them.

- Moisturise and seal my ends twice daily
 I have very fine hair which gets weighed down very quickly, so moisturising the length of my hair twice daily is out of the question. I will instead moisturise and seal the last three inches of my hair in the morning and the entire length in the night. 

-Dust my hair once a month
I am not going to deny it. Sometimes I forget to dust my hair. I am vowing to spend a few hours on the first Saturday each month going through my hair and dusting any split ends I see. If I do this every month then I should eliminate any splits from worsening or snagging on the health ends. This should help me avoid any major trims during the next 9 months.

Operation BSL is in full swing. 


  1. I'm cheering for you on the sidelines :).......I'm really to try to stick to my vitamins and exercising I really strugle with these things. I have be getting really bad acne the last couple of months maybe I should really consider this carrot juice thing, did it help with your skin?

    1. I believe to deal with acne you have to treat it both internally and externally. Internally by eating right, drinking water, sorting out any hormonal issues you might have.
      Externally, through using sulphate-free face washes with salicylic acid and topical treaties such as Retin A.


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