Saturday, May 12, 2012

Updates and length check

I texlaxed for the second time in 2012 on April 19th, however as I was in the middle of studying for very important exams I chose not to go through the entire process of flat ironing my hair. All I did was texlax, deep condition and airdry. Now that exams are over I can finally see how my hair has been progressing.

I can honestly say I am happy with my hair. I seem to be retaining my length pretty well. I am back to APL when I ensure that my hair lays flat against my back.

I have decided that I don't like this method of measuring as how often do I walk around holding my hair to my armpits? I would prefer for my hair to naturally lay at APL before I claim it. That's just my personal preference.

Of late I have been having issues with taking length check photos as my hair just won't cooperate. This is a photo taken this morning. I gave up trying to take photos last night. My hair was doing all sorts of crazy things. I  slept with my hair in a medium high bun. I know I should have wrapped it given the fact that I had stayed up to flat iron it, but to be honest, I was tired and could not be bothered. I am sort of leaning forward in this photo. It's not the greatest, but it is the best I have.

This next photo is of my hair after being moisturised with S-Curl and sealed with coconut oil. No matter what I do, I tend to be heavy handed with S-Curl, leaving me with somewhat damp strands. In spite of this, I am so in love with this moisturiser. It makes my hair feel amazing and I am seeing fewer short, broken off strands the more I use it. Hair is a bit damp in the picture, but I included it because you can see my hair is maintaining the blunt cut from January.

How do you ladies measure the length of your hair. Do you use the laying flat method or the naturally falling method?

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