Thursday, February 9, 2012

1st texlaxer of the year: Recovering from Setbacks

I texlaxed yesterday ( i.e. I relaxed my hair but not bone straight) at 12 weeks post. I did a reverse rollerset and then a light flat iron. I am pretty happy with the results and can see my hair regrowing from the setbacks of 2011. Definitely on track to making APL in 2012. I am hoping to be there by June/July 2012.

The major thing I like about my hair now is that it no longer has an extreme V. Even if my hair begins to grow back in a V shape it should not be extreme. I am not necessarily a fan of a blunt cut so I don't mind a subtle V or even a U but I am over the photos where you have to pull the back to show where the tip of the V lays. Been there, done that for three years. And since I am starting over, I prefer to have all my hair reaching the same lengths at around the same time.

I don't want to make any estimates about when I will hit BSL/MBL or WL until my relaxer in May and I see how near I am to APL. For the next 12 weeks I am going to continue eating healthy, drinking a lot of water and doing better with taking my supplements. Many of my supplements are primarily for the health of my skin, but the hair also benefits from them. I take cod liver oil, evening primrose oil, MSM and a multivitamin. I was also on silica but I took a break from it. I had too many pills to take.

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