Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Texlaxing, carrot growth challenge and crown breakage


I will be texlaxing tomorrow at 12.5 weeks post. I went out today and bought my staple relaxer which is the ORS No-Lye Relaxer in Normal. I decided to buy the professional version of the neutralising shampoo. I never find the shampoo in the pack to be enough so I always have a bottle on handy. I also got a triangle hair net to hold my curlers in place. I jokingly told my mom that I have a hair salon in my room: professional flat iron, professional hair dryer, professional products.
It is about time to texlax. I can no longer style my hair with this much growth. I am curious to see how much length I will get from this new growth.

Carrot Growth Challenge

A few weeks ago I was speculating that my growth spurt was due to my increased carrot intake. I came across a thread on the LHCF and a lot of ladies had the same results. They actually had a challenge in which most of them decided to drink carrot juice. I eat one carrot a day and have seen significant results. I think I am going to go up a two carrots a day. Anymore than 2 carrots and I run the risk of the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet turning orange. I will be doing a personal carrot growth challenge starting from tomorrow until my next texlaxer which will be in May around the same time as my birthday.

Crown Breakage

I noticed that a small section my texlaxed ends have snapped off at the line of demarcation in the crown area. I know this area is one of the more fragile ones as it is always exposed to the elements. I therefore need to pay more attention to that area when moisturising.

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