Monday, February 6, 2012

Baggying my ends

hen I first started my hair journey some 3 years ago I was serious about baggying my hair. Sometimes I would just baggy the ends and sometimes the whole head. I don't really know why I ever stopped. Today I signed into Youtube and saw that Sunshyne from Hairlista posted a video about baggying and my reaction was "I completely forgot about baggying!"

I have since decided to reintroduce the baggying of my ends in my regime. I am going back to basics here because 2012 is all about retention of my ends. Baggying is important, particularly for the ends as it helps to keep them moisturised. If your hair is well moisturised, it is less likely to become brittle and break off. I usually put my hair in a high ponytail, add some moisturiser to the ends and then place a shower cap over the ends.

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