Monday, February 6, 2012

Return of the product junkie

I am a recovering product junkie and things were going well until I entered a drugstore today. It was really hot in Port of Spain and I went just to get some water. Given this drugstore also has a pretty decent selection of products I decided just to take a look. I was excited when I discovered that they carried an Amla Oil brand which was mineral oil free. When I first started my hair journey I was big on alma oil until I discovered that most have mineral oil as its base. I was completely turned off alma because of that. This purchase can be justified as it was a mineral oil free amla! If I like it I will have to go get the 3 bottles they had remaining.
Now I had another weak moment in another store. I intended to replenish a conditioner that I ran out of. The intention was not to buy something new. Unfortunately I saw a conditioner that intrigued me and I had to get it. The conditioner was made by none other than Luster's and it was in the Pink Brand. Now everyone knows about Luster's and their infamous Pink Oil Moisturiser. Back in the day I would use this thing as a setting lotion and a moisturiser. I would use it to set my hair every night before bed.
Every since I began my hair journey, I have run away from mineral oil and petroleum so when I saw a conditioner from the Pink line my first opinion was "That has got to be full of mineral oil.' To my surprise it was not. In fact the ingredients did not look half bad and it was cone free. I have an interesting relationship with cones and until I figure out how to safely incorporate them into my regimen, I am taking a break from them. The conditioner seems pretty decent. The only negative is that it appears to be a bit thin. I don't need a thick conditioner like a masque, but I don't think it should be runny either which is what the Luster's is.
I will be trying both of these products today and I will give my opinion later.

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