Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Waiting for my hair to grow: Mini Update

After a year of frustration and several cuts amounting to over 6 inches, I can finally say I am happy with the condition of my hair. I am happy with the way my hair turns out on wash days. My hair looks and feels well moisturised between washes and has a lot of body and bounce. So now I am just waiting for my hair to get back to the point it was before I experienced my major setback.

I am approaching the 2 weeks post mark and will probably be texlaxing 12 weeks from now which will coincide with my 30th birthday. During this time I will be continuing my regimen for general hair maintenance but intend to focus on certain problem areas. I am trying to remember to moisturise my hair edges and nape as I tend to neglect these areas. I also experienced some breakage in the crown area during my last stretch and I have realised I need to pay particular attention to this area as well. That's basically it. I'm in mode maintenance and waiting for my hair to start showing a change in length.

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