Thursday, February 23, 2012

I am sweating the small stuff

In life people always tell you "don't sweat the small stuff." Focus on the big issues at hand and don't worry about trying to perfect every little detail. I think that is excellent advice for day to day living, but hair is another matter.

Now that my hair is back on track and I have been able to put the big issues aside, my attention is now being turned to the small stuff. For me the small stuff i.e. the breakage of my hairline could not get my full attention because of my length retention issues. I relax my hair and then within 2 weeks that area is all new growth with no relaxed ends as well. That tells me that some breakage is occurring. I also have the same problem with the nape of my neck.

I am beginning to think that the culprits are my elasticised satin bonnets. Of late, I have been turning the bonnets inside out but some of them are still really tight and could be the cause of the breakage.

Today I went to a pharmacy and came across the satin edge "Stay on Satin Cap". What sold me was that the cap has no exposed elastic which can break the edges of the hair. What I do not like is that in the place of the elastic, there is a surged hem which may or may not cause problems. My plan is turn the cap inside out as the cap has a smooth finish. I am hoping that this will translate into less breakage of my hairline.

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